Thursday, September 12, 2013

Models Don't Eath Chocolate Cookies

Title: Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies
Author: Erin Dionne
Pages: 256
Content: G
Language: PG
Level: Middle School/High School
Recommendation: Okay Read

Summary: Thirteen-year-old Celeste Harris is no string bean, but comfy sweatpants and a daily chocolate cookie suit her just fine. Her under-the-radar lifestyle could have continued too, if her aunt hadn't entered her in the HuskyPeach Modeling Challenge. To get out of it, she's forced to launch Operation Skinny Celeste-because, after all, a thin girl can't be a fat model! What Celeste never imagined was that losing weight would help her gain a backbone . . . or that all she needed to shine was a spotlight.

Review: I am happy to see the topic of weight presented in a light and oft times comic way.  The story was interesting and explored the insecurities that most girls deal with, both teenage and preteen. I was expecting Celeste to find out that she was beautiful just the way she was but she had to lose weight to feel good about herself. 

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