Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Terror of Black Eagle Tavern

The Terror of Black Eagle Tavern
Title: The Terror of Black Eagle Tavern
(Paranomalists Case #2)
Author: Megan Atwood
Pages: 95
Language: G
Content: PG
Level: Middle/High
Recommendation: Good Read

Summary: Todd's family has problems, serious problems; his parents' bar is losing customers at such a rapid rate that they will soon be out of business. While the bar has always been noted as haunted, the ghost has always been friendly. When the mild-mannered ghost is displaced by one with a rotten disposition, the atmosphere takes a decided turn for the worse. Glasses fly, people get caught in freezers, and all sorts of havoc is wreaked. At Todd's request, in step Jackson and Jinx, lead investigators (and only members) of their paranormal club. They pull out all stops and fire up their ghost-hunting apparatus as they prepare to spend the night. It is up to them to figure out what has gone wrong, particularly since Todd's potential scholarship hinges on their success.

Review: Another great HI/LOW book for relunctant readers.  Book two in a series, the author continues to give action, mystery, adventure, and a little bit of drama.  Easy, fun, interesting read.

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