Thursday, September 20, 2012

Save The Cupcake

Save the Cupcake! (Confectionately Yours Series #1)
Title: Save the Cupcake
Series: Confectionately Yours
Author: Lisa Papademetriou
Pages: 229
Language: G
Content: G
Level: Middle/High
Recommendation: Good Read

Summary:  Confession: My life is soooo not sprinkles and sunshine . . .Hayley's world is far from perfect: her parents have divorced, her mom has lost her job, and she and her sister Chloe are stuck sharing a bedroom in their grandmother's apartment. Luckily, Hayley has a knack for baking cupcakes -- and cupcakes always make life just a little sweeter! But when she and her best friend Artie start drifting apart, she realizes that it's going to take more than sugar and spice to make things nice.

Review: Fun, easy, interesting read.  The main character is dealing with a lot of teen issues - divorce, friends, boys, girl drama, which makes her easy to identify with.  Refreshing to read a book without language or inappropiate actions and scenes. Intriguing and real. (Although I can't imagine my young teen being able to bake like that!!!!!!!!!!)

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