Thursday, February 9, 2012

Girls Don't Fly

Title: Girls Don't Fly
Author: Kristen Chandler
Pages: 288
Content: PG
Language: PG/PG 13
Level: High School
Recommendation: Good Read

Summary: Myra is used to keeping her feet firmly on the ground. She's got four younger brothers, overworked parents, and a pregnant older sister, and if Myra wasn't there to take care of everyone, they'd probably fall apart. But when her boyfriend unceremoniously dumps her, Myra feels like she's lost her footing. Suddenly she's doing things she never would've a few months earlier: quitting her job, applying for a scholarship to study birds in the Galapogos, and falling for a guy who's encouraging her to leap from her old life . . . and fly.

Set in the Salt Lake City area, Girls Don't Fly is full of intelligence, humor, and is a refreshing change of pace for teen readers.

Review: This book touches on the sensitive subjects of out-of-wed-lock pregnancy and the rumors/consequences that follow decisions that lead to pregnancy. The storyline is great though!! I enjoyed following the evolution of the main character in this story, and how she learns to believe in herself and understand that she deserves good things in her life. It was also fun to read this story because I can relate to the setting . . . .the story based in northern Utah.

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