Monday, February 27, 2012

The Butterfly Clues

Title: The Butterly Clues
Author: Kate Ellison
Pages: 325
Rating: PG-13
Maturity Level: PG13/R
Language: 20+ swears
Level: High School
Recommendation: Optional

Summary: Penelope, aka “Lo,” has several obsessive urges—she is drawn to multiples of the number three, repeats the word “banana” for security, and steals various items that she hoards and carefully organizes in her attic bedroom. These compulsions have intensified since her beloved older brother, Oren, died, as has her habit of roaming from her suburban home into different neighborhoods of Cleveland. On one such journey to a seedy section of town dubbed Neverland, Lo is almost hit by a stray bullet. When she learns that a girl was murdered nearby and discovers some of the dead girl’s jewelry at a flea market, Lo becomes determined to find the killer. The mystery pulls Lo into an underworld of strip clubs, drugs, and crime, and also introduces her to Flynt, a street artist who she connects with. In a strong, twisty thriller of a debut, Ellison builds tension effectively, creating credible (if slightly romanticized) portraits of both the decaying, violent streets of Neverland and the compulsions that make Lo such a complex and memorable heroine.

Review: I loved the character, and her quirky OCD habits, she was so real!! the twists and turns that reveal themselves are great and surprising. However, the content of this book makes me wary to recommend to readers (we live in a very conservative area). There are several subject matters in this book that make me cautious to recommend it . . . . the undercover detective work takes place at a "strip joint" . . . .thus the "optional" rating.

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