Monday, January 30, 2012


Title: Eve
Author: Anna Carey
Pages: 336
Profanity: G
Language: G
Mature Content: PG / PG13
Level: High School
Recommendation: Must Read

Summary: A generation after a plague wiped out 98% of humanity, orphaned girls like Eve are raised in secluded schools, conditioned to fear the outside, distrust men, and look forward to a comfortable life in the City of Sand. When Eve discovers what’s actually intended for her, she flees the school. Teaming up with another refugee classmate, Eve meets Caleb, a teenage boy who alternately attracts and repels her. Together and separately, the three struggle through numerous dangers in the postapocalyptic landscape, while Eve and Caleb fall for one another.

Review: For those who love the dystopian genre, this book is great. The author creates a society that is surreal yet believeable. Fiesty young teens learn a lot about life, friendship, and love, while trying to survive in a world that would control them. I gave this book a PG/PG13 rating due to the fact that "breeding" is a main concept in the book that young or immature readers of the book should be aware of.

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